Company Name Fujita Works Company Limited
Representative Chief Executive Officer: Koji Fujita
Location Head Office: 12-18, Uenohara Technopark,
Kokubu, Kirishima, KAGOSHIMA, 899-4317 JAPAN
Telephone Number General Affairs Dept.:+81-995-46-6100
Manufacturing Dept.:+81-995-46-6103
Tokyo Office.:+81-3-3745-0300
FAX Number General Affairs Department.:+81-995-46-7364
Manufacturing Department.:+81-995-46-7363
Tokyo Office.:+81-3-3745-0331
Established April 1945
Kirishima Plant
Kokubu Plant
Miyazaki Plant
Tokyo office
12-18, Uenohara Technopark, Kokubu, Kirishima, KAGOSHIMA, JAPAN
11-27, Uenohara Technopark, Kokubu, Kirishima, KAGOSHIMA, JAPAN
2509-1, Higashi-humoto, Nojiri-cho, Kobayashi, MIYAZAKI, JAPAN
OTATECHNOCORE #409, 6-4-17, Higashikojiya, Ota-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN
Capital \10,000,000
business information High accuracy precision sheet metal
(Titanium, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, SPCC)
Processing Accuracy ±0.05mm
Site Area of Head-office Plant 13,835㎡
SiteArea of Kokubu Plant 6,927㎡
Total Floor Area of Plant Kirishima Plant 3,471㎡
Kokubu Plant 4,105㎡
Miyazaki Plant 168㎡


April 1945 Shuji Fujita established Fujita Works in Miyazaki Prefecture.
1987 Converted pressed sheet metal processing to high accuracy precision sheet metal processing.
1988 Introduced Anritsu manufactured Turret Punch Press. Annual gross sales reached double that of the previous year. (¥80,000,000)
April 1990 Fujita Works Ltd. was established. Shuji Fujita assumed the position of CEO.
July 1991 Reorganized Fujita Works Co., Ltd. Koji Fujita assumed the position of CEO.
Invited to construct the plant in Uenohara Technopark, Kokubu, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Opened the Kokubu Plant. (building area: 1,118m2, floor area: 1,O70m2)
July 1995 Enlarged the Kokubu Plant. (building area: 1,406m2, floor area: 1,346m2)
Dec. 1996 Enlarged the Kokubu Plant. (building area: 3,372m2. floor area: 3,260m2)
Feb. 1997 The head office was relocated to Uenohara Technopark, Kokubu, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Certified according to the "SME creative activity promotion law" of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
Dec. 1998 Received the "Encouragement Award of Industry and Economy" award from the Kagoshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Jan. 1999 Acquired ISO9OO1 from the German TUV (certification body).
July 2000 Enlarged the assembly part of the head office plant. (building area: 3,372m2, floor area: 3,673m2)
Feb. 2001 Enlarged the assembly part of the head office plant.(building area: 3,748m2, floor area: 4,049m2)
Jan. 2002 Certified according to the "Provisional law on promoting creative activity by SME".
March 2003 Certified according to the "Law to support SME management" of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
Nov.2003 Received the "Distinguished Service Award of Industry and Economy" from Kokubu City.
July 2005 Certified according to the "IT Utilization Type Management Innovation Model Projects” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
April 2006 Selected as one of "The 1st introducing 300 of Japan's Dynamic Monozukuri (Product Manufacturing) SEMs" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Oct.2006 Received the “Excellence Awards of 2006 Kagoshima pref. Quality Award" from the Kagoshima pref. quality award secretariat.
Oct.2006 Received the Best Award of the “100 Best IT Management Companies" from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Feb. 2007 Acquired ISO14001 from the German TUV (certification body).
Aug. 2007 Received the Kyushu Bureau Director-General’s Prize of “The Second Monozukuri Japan Grand Award" from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and lndustry.
Nov. 2007 Opened new head office building (1,127m2)and Kirishima plant(3,471m2).
Jan. 2008 Received "Excellent Enterprise Award of Good Company Grand Award" from The Medium and Small Business Research Institute.
March 2009 Acquired the approval of our "Business Innovation Plan" based on the National Firm Location Promotion Act.
July 2009 Opened a Tokyo office
Received the Kagoshima Health and Safety Labor Bureau "Encouragement Award".
Jan. 2010 Won the Tokyo Shoko Research "Japan Best Company Award”.
July 2010 Received the "Fifth South Japan Economic Award" sponsored by the Minaminihon Newspaper.
Nov. 2011 Received the "Kirishima citizen commendation" from the Kirishima mayor
Jan. 2013 Acquired the "Miyagin environment rating (S) certification" from Miyazaki Bank, Ltd.
Won the Tokyo Shoko Research "Japan Best Company Award”.
Feb. 2013 Won the "Miyagin regional development business grant" from Miyazaki Bank, Ltd.
Jan. 2016 Won the Tokyo Shoko Research "Japan Best Company Award”.
Sep. 2016 JIS Q 9100 certification by Bureau Veritas (certification authority)


Offering technique and speed simultaneously by a dualistic organization

GALACTIC organization

GALACTIC organization
“GALACTIC organization" is defined as an organization for outside. It is the partner organization to ensure prompt follow-up service by the total resources ot Fujlta Works for customers mainly.

SOLAR SYSTEM organization

SOLAR SYSTEM organization
We also introduced a group company system as an in-house organization. In the organization system called ‘SOLAR SYSTEM organization‘, each group, in oltqer to maintain its individuality, improves friendly rivalry. And supporting each other as a partner, they do business on a self suppotting basis. The system enables flexible actions and innovations, and also enhances the power of action corresponding to the change that is getting fasten.

Group system & Color


Fujii general manager

藤井ゼネラルマネージャー Considering the motto of "Customer First", we are aiming to become the "Only One" company by listening to your forthright words and by pursuing the unique approach of Fujita Works.

Yoshimura general manager

吉村ゼネラルマネージャー Ensuring complete compliance so that the customer and the alliance company can do buisiness without worry, we are making efforts th achieve the fiscal year's financial targets.

Kosa manager

高佐マネージャー I always pursue the manufacturing to the customers’ request and specification with originality and skill.

Takeshita manager

竹下マネージャー To make the customer teel sate, we build the “Predicting Quality Assurance System" that can predict danger by daily quantitative data accumulation / analysis and offer creative ideas in fulfilling the customer's requirement, consequently aiming for the “Customer basis" that is the basis of the company's reform.

Maeda manager

前田マネージャー Maintaining a Customer First policy completety, understanding the customer's request precisely, making decisions, and accumulating experience / technique, on the basis of which we aim for business activity that continually provides an impressive image to the customer of strong creativity.

Togo group

Three groups are integrated, and our group has evolved flexibility and is able to meet the customers’ demands by making use of originality. We endeavor to solve problems and offer customer satisfaction.

Tomari group leader

泊グループ長 We enjoy manufacturing as we pursue the customers’ satisfaction with design, welding/finishing, assembling, coating, and inspection/packing.

Sales frontier group

We value our customers so we diligently correspond to their needs and expectations.

Isowaki group leader

磯脇グループ長 We make proposals by utilizing the latest machines and techniques to produce high-quality products. This leads to customer satisfaction.

1st stage group

We do our best as the 1st stage of manufacturing processes.

Nobe group leader

野辺グループ長 By using high accuracy equipment that we are proud of, and with our outstanding teamwork and passion, we deliver a product that meets the customer's strengthening demand day by day.

F.C.O group

By using our bending skills, which are the core of Fujita works, we offer customers to good value products.

Ijichi group leader

伊地知グループ長 The F.C.O group always seeks high-quality manufacturing with our bending skills to satisfy our customers.

Miyazaki group

We try our best at the founding company of Fujita works.

Matsutani group leader

松谷グループ長 At the starting poitn in Fujita Works, utilizing welding know-how, we support the key group and group objectives, offering safety and trust to the customer.

Manufacturing techniques group

By utilizing a variety of techniques, we give logistical support to the manufacturing process.

Kawasoe group leader

川添グループ長 The manufacturing technique group supports manufacturing fields by maintaining equipment, researching processes, making tools, technical assistance, and physical distribution.

Plan support group

We plan the efficiency of duties and seek for accuracy, speed, and integrity as the foundation of management.

Hamahata group leader

濵畑グループ長 The project support group, as the bridge between customers / alliance company and Fujita Works, welcomes you with hospitality. Always opening our antennae to information, we endeavor to obtain your opinion or new information to convey quickly to our business management.

office building

In the place of Uenoharadaichi

Why don't you come and observe the scenery? Fujita Works is located in Technopark adjoining the Forest of Jomon in Uenohara, Kokubu, Kagoshima Prefecture. From the guest room on the 4th floor in the office building there is a fine view, which you would call a superb view indeed, unfold as you watch a magnificent view of Sakurajima in front and Kinko Bay below. Moreover, the panoramic view spreads to Kirishima Renzan, which is known for the national foundation legend as you go around to the North, combined with fresh air, you would find your imagined scenery that is entirely different from that in city life.
As it is said that the majority of the remains of the Jomon period was excavated in the place of a fine view, here in Uenohara, we might say, the landscape and the climate are good enough for manufacturing things. We are eager to have you come and enjoy the magnificent view.