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From order acceptance to delivery

Consistent management system
from order acceptance to delivery

Our business ranges from planning, orders, to design process, production and shipping under an integrated system.
As a result, it is possible to continuously manufacture products reliably, which in turn can lead to cost reduction and a shorter period for production by a thorough process control.
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Introducing technology

Worldwide committed technology

The precision sheet metal processing of the FUjita Works utilizes high technology. We introduce the newest metal processing equipment on a timely basis and update it to fulfill precisely our customer's requirements.
By repeating the cut-and-try method, we have accumulated the reliable know-how to develop and achieve unsurpassed precision metal processing techniques, such as thin-sheet TIG welding that are ideal for the semiconductor or liquid crystal manufacturing equipment. It lets us perform 100 μm ultra-thin stainless welding and stainless welding of a few hundred. Moreover, we have earned a share of the worldwide market for product processing using Nickel or Titanium for the plant market.
The Fujita Works was selected in 2006 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of "The introducing 300 of Japan's Exciting Monozukuri (Product Manufacturing) SEMs". Fujita Works is committed and its technology is highly regarded, not only in Japan, but also throughout the workd.

Introducing accomplishments

Leading edge processing technology that Fujita Works is proud of


From mechanical processing to sheet metal processing [Processing of H7 accuracy]

Our business was mechanical processing traditionaly.
Our laser processing changed the concept.
This processing achives H7 accuracy in fit tolerance.

機械加工から板金加工へ [H7精度の加工]

Ultimate thin sheet metal welding [SUSt0.6mm]

No one has ever accomplished this before. We perform continuous uranami welding of 0.6mm thick sheet by TIG welding. The weld will not crach even after the drawing process.

薄板溶接の極み [SUSt0.6mm]

Simultaneous metal welding of five heterogeneous layers

We perform simultaneous welding of five layers of material, such as titanium, nickel, and steel by resistance welding.


Processing without deep drawing

In mass production, a mold is made and a product is processed. However, we reduce the design lead time and manufacture the product at a low cost. The product is achieved by bending structure.


Processing out of the facility specifications [processing in minimum size diameter]

We perform pipe processing with a value that is less than the minimum diameter of pipe processing described in the facility specifications. We process nickel material of Φ10mm.

設備のスペック外加工 [最小径加工]

Introducing Facility

Equipment Technology

Relating to IT system

No.Facility NameManufacturerQuantityIntroduced inFeatureNotes
1MetaCAM (CAD/CAM)FAservice13sets2010~3D CAD/CAM
2MetaCAM (BendCAM)FAservice1sets20163D CAD software for mechanical designInstalled as required
3ROZAWilly11sets20073D CAD/CAM
4FW Dash Borad SystemOriginal-2006Management Strategy Support System
5Auto CAD 2000iAuto desk1set2001General Purpose 3D CAD
63D CAD/CAM CADMAC2000Digital system3sets2000All direction,General Purpose 3D CAD/CAM
7CAD/CAM TOPS-100Trumpt2sets20002D Laser CAD/CAM
8CAD/CAM TOPS-300Trumpt2sets2000Laser/Punch Mixed System CAD/CAM
9CAD/CAM TOPS-400Trumpt2sets2000Pipe Processing CAD/CAM
10Intranet System90setsWhen requiredBuilding GroupwaerInstalled as required
11CAD/CAM TruTops Tubeトルンプ(TRUMPF)2sets2016パイプ加工 CAD/CAM

Laser/Punch equipment

No.Facility NameManufacturerQuantityIntroduced inFeatureNotes
1Laser Cutting Machines (Fiber Laser)Trumpt1set20111,525L × 3,050L±0.05mmTruLaser5030fiber 5kw
2NC Laser Punch Press FMC 4KWTrumpt1set20091,660L × 3,120L0.05mm~3.2mm±0.03mmTruMatic7000
3NC Laser 5KW(with palette changer)Trumpt1set20041,525L × 3,048L0.05mm~25mm±0.05mmL3050(Linear drive)
4NC Laser Punch Press FMC 3KWTrumpt1set20001,280L × 2,535L0.05mm~3.2mm±0.05mmTC600L
5NC Laser 3KW(with palette changer)Trumpt1set19982,000L × 4,000L0.1mm~20mm±0.05mmL4030
6NC Turret Punch Press FMC (with ATC)Anritsu1set19971,000L × 2,000L0.3mm~2.3mm±0.05mmKF-717BS(Number of Molds:108pcs)
7NC Turret Punch Press Anritsu1set19881,220L × 2,000L0.5mm~6.0mm±0.05mmK-818D

Bending equipment

No.Facility NameManufacturerQuantityIntroduced inFeatureNotes
1NC bendingTrumpt1set20113,230L173tTruBend5170
2NC bending (hybrid)Amada1set20103,000L175tHYB-175
3NC bending (with servo)Trumpt1set20091,020L36tTruBend7036
4NC bending (with servo)Amada1set2007200L6tFMB-062
5NC bending (hybrid)Amada1set20012,000L60tHYB-6020
6NC bending (with servo)Komatsu1set1999400L18tPAS18
7NC bending (with servo)Komatsu1set19991,200L50tPAS50
8NC bending (3 point)Marukikaikougyo1set19993,000L150t3P-150-30
9NC bending (with ATC)Marukikaikougyo1set19954,000L250tthree molds automatic change
10NC bending robotNachi robot1set2007Conveyable weight: 40kg-Full automatic bending system
11NC bendingMazak1set19892,500L100tAPEX100
12NC bendingAmada1set19873,000L100tRG-100
13Press machineAmada1set1986180Stroke80tTP-80C
14Roll bending machineSumitani Works2sets2005Min.roll diameter: 50mmSUS2mm
15Press fitting machine Koma1set2010-6t700HS

Welding equipment

No.Facility NameManufacturerQuantityIntroduced inFeatureNotes
1Laser welding systemFasarvise,Trumpt1set2011Laser power 3000wrobot,positioners
2Condenser-type spot welding machine(6A)Origine1set2003Span 800mm orthogonal type5 layers simultaneous welding system
3Condenser-type spot welding machine(5A)Origine1set2000Span 600mm orthogonal type0.5t~1.6t
4Condenser-type spot welding machine(V5A)Origine1set1999Span 650mm0.8t~1.6t
5Condenser-type spot welding machine(6A)Origine1set1999Span 800mm orthogonal type2.6t×2
6Vertical automatic welding machineAmada2sets2000
7Stud welding machineJapan Drive-It2sets1999φ10 MACX
8Spot welding machineDaiden1set19933.2t MAX
9Tig welding machine (inverter)Daihen etc.20setsWhen requiredUpdated as requiredEnlarged installation
10CO2 wending machine (inverter)Daihen4setsMag
11Welding robotDaihen1set1994Mag(8 axes)
12Welding robotDaihen1set1993Tig(8 axes)

Coating equipment

No.Facility NameManufacturerQuantityIntroduced inFeatureNotes
1Coating Booths Anest Iwata1set2012Air Balance Booth H2300×W4000×D2000
2Drying Ovens Arita-tekkousyo1set2012Gas-Heated Hot Air Drying OvenH2500×W2500×D4000
3exhaust system Haiki-man A20SAndex2sets2012

Finishing equipment

No.Facility NameManufacturerQuantityIntroduced inFeatureNotes
1Electro shinerChemical Yamamoto etc.4sets-
2Electro bufferShimomura Denyusha2sets2000
3High accuracy auto tapping machine Brother5sets2007
5Tapping ballHitachi2setsChuck 13mm
6Tapping machineHitachi1setChuck 6.5mm
7Flat polishing machineAmada Washino1set1991250L×500L±0.002mm~0.03mm
8The flexible deburring systemFladder1set20041000L
9Deburring machine S.T-Link 1set20141300L
10Distortion removal machineHinotec1set1999t0.5~t3.2 W~1830
11歪み取りロール機ヒノテック1台1999歪取り機t0.5~t3.2 幅1830まで可能

Carrying equipment

No.Facility NameManufacturerQuantityIntroduced inFeatureNotes
1Electric forkliftToyota2sets2006-20072.5ton,3.0ton