Introducing accomplishments

“From mechanical processing to sheet metal processing [Processing of H7 accuracy]

機械加工から板金加工へ [H7精度の加工]

Our business was mechanical processing traditionaly.
Our laser processing changed the concept.
This processing achives H7 accuracy in fit tolerance.

“Ultimate thin sheet metal welding [SUSt0.6mm]

薄板溶接の極み [SUSt0.6mm]

No one has ever accomplished this before. We perform continuous uranami welding of 0.6mm thick sheet by TIG welding.
The weld will not crach even after the drawing process.

“Simultaneous metal welding of five heterogeneous layers


“We perform simultaneous welding of five layers of material, such as titanium, nickel, and steel by resistance welding.

“Processing without deep drawing


In mass production, a mold is made and a product is processed. However, we reduce the design lead time and manufacture the product at a low cost
The product is achieved by bending structure.

“Processing out of the facility specifications [processing in minimum size diameter]

設備のスペック外加工 [最小径加工]

We perform pipe processing with a value that is less than the minimum diameter of pipe processing described in the facility specifications.
We process nickel material of Φ10mm.

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