Technology Information

The precision sheet metal processing of the FUjita Works utilizes high technology. We introduce the newest metal processing equipment on a timely basis and update it to fulfill precisely our customer’s requirements.
By repeating the cut-and-try method, we have accumulated the reliable know-how to develop and achieve unsurpassed precision metal processing techniques, such as thin-sheet TIG welding that are ideal for the semiconductor or liquid crystal manufacturing equipment. It lets us perform 100 μm ultra-thin stainless welding and stainless welding of a few hundred. Moreover, we have earned a share of the worldwide market for product processing using Nickel or Titanium for the plant market.
The Fujita Works was selected in 2006 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of \”The introducing 300 of Japan’s Exciting Monozukuri (Product Manufacturing) SEMs\”. Fujita Works is committed and its technology is highly regarded, not only in Japan, but also throughout the workd.

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Sharp Edge

The bicycle cuts shown below are cut by a high precision laser cutting facility from a 1mm thickness of steel plate. Its thinnest partis thinner than the plate, which is 200μm thin, and the tire treads are also cut.

抜き シャープエッジ
抜き シャープエッジ


Fusion of technology and craftsmanship

We solve problems through bending with a combination of latest digital technology e.g. IOT network and analog technology by craftsmanship know-how.

Efficient production while maintaining high quality

The pitch bending is difficult to stabilize repeatedly, however, we maintain high quality no matter what the equipment or materials are.


Correspondence with various welding techniques

Fujita Works uses various welding techniques such as YAG welding, TIG welding, and projection welding depending on product specifications.

Low distortion and high airtightness by YAG welding

Ultra-high precision sheet metal, YAG welding, and projection welding make it possible to manufacture products with high airtightness and high flatness.

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